Steve & Monique - MES

We meet needs with solutions.

Moving Equipment Sales, Inc. (MES) sells moving equipment to small businesses, moving and installation companies, schools and universities, hospitals, hospitality companies, and corporations throughout the United States. What began as a rental equipment company in northeast Minneapolis expanded to reach businesses nationwide.

Moving Equipment Rental, Inc. (MER) was Steve and Monique’s first corporation. Established in 1991, MER is one of the largest equipment rental companies in the U.S. with current locations in North Carolina, Ohio, and Minnesota.

Rental clients were so satisfied with the equipment, they wanted some of their own for daily operations. Steve and Monique began Moving Equipment Sales in 1995 in response to that need. Prior to MES, Steve had been working in the installation industry. In that industry, workers borrowed and exchanged carts and dollies for their projects. Movers needed moving resources, so Steve began building his own carts. He equips companies with quality, custom-made products. Moving carts are assembled by hand, no matter how large the order.

For Moving Equipment Sales, Inc., no client is too big or too small. MES seeks to provide our clients with the best service in the industry. Our goal has always been to offer quality moving equipment to businesses at a price they can afford. We do this by applying our industry knowledge and never overcharging for superior—even handmade—equipment. Panel Carts (#3700) can be painted a custom color or stenciled with company names or logos.

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